2 Many Lies [by Michael Barraclough, 2012]
25cc; or, A Trip To The Mill Hill Jubilee [by Charles Bolton, 1984]
4 More Years [by Michael Barraclough, 2012]
Abbesses [by Alan Winston, 1997/1997]
Abbey Reflection [by Trevor Monson, 1997]
Active Pass [Rosemary Lach, 2016]
Albany Assembly [by Victor Skowronski, 1999]
Alex and Charles [by Victor Skowronski, 2009]
Ali's Allemand [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
All The Eights [by Michael Barraclough, 2008]
All Things Are Quite Silent [by Victor Skowronski, 2005]
Amateurs And Actors [by Michael Barraclough, 2012]
Apple Butter Pot [Joanne Thompson, 2016]
Ash Grove, The [by Chris Kermiet]
Ashford Anniversary, The [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Ashworth [by Charles Bolton, 2002]
Band Waggon, The [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Barbara Woodhouse Reel [by Michael Barraclough, 1980]
Barbara's Maggot [by Victor Skowronski, 2002]
Barnard Castle [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Bebbington Belle [by Michael Barraclough, 1984]
Beckett's Crossing [by Chris Kermiet]
Beggars' Delight, The [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Bellamira [interpreted by Charles Bolton]
Beside The Riverside [by Michael Barraclough, 2016]
Bittersweet [by Victor Skowronski, 2003]
Black Joak [by Michael Barraclough, 2017]
Blackheath [by Kalia Kliban, 2011]
BOB [by Michael Barraclough, 2008]
Bridgegate [by Michael Barraclough, 2015]
Bunchley's Bransle [by Victor Skowronski, 2002]
California Twirlitzer [by Michael Barraclough, 2009 ]
Cannock Chase [by Charles Bolton, 1991]
Cat's Cradle [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
Catie Gets Around [by Michael Barraclough, 2011]
Catie's In The Clover [by Michael Barraclough, 2011]
Catie's Line Dance [by Michael Barraclough, 2011]
Cedar and Maple [by Bob Green, 2015]
Chain 'n' Hey [by John Sweeney]
Chairman's Excursion, The [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Champaign Cocktail [by Jonathan Sivier, 2013]
Circassian Contra [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Civil Engineer, The [by Victor Skowronski, 2002]
Cockle Shells [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Collier's Daughter, The; or, The Duke Of Rutland's Delight [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Companions [by Victor Skowronski, 2003]
Cool Breezes [by Victor Skowronski, 2007]
Country Bumpkin [by Michael Barraclough, c1979 ]
Cumberland Contra [by John Sweeney]
Dance For Mars, A [by Tom Senior, 2014]
Dance With Me [by Rebeckah Valencia]
Dancing Red Shirt, The; or, Mr Gedance's Dance [by Fred Freuthal]
Dancing Years, The [by Charles Bolton, 1995]
Demon's Maggot [by John Sweeney]
Des Plaines Reel [by Michael Barraclough, c2001]
Detour, The; or Round And Round [by Sharon McKinley, 2007]
Devil's Maggot [by Dianne Schmit, 1985]
Dick Squires' Jig [by Michael Barraclough, 1982]
Director, The [by Michael Barraclough, 2010]
Dixie Doo-Dah [by John Sweeney]
Doctor Vincent's Delight [by Charles Bolton, 1983]
Dopeca [by John Sweeney]
Dorchester Delight [by Sharon McKinley, 2004]
Double Top [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Duck! [by John Sweeney]
Eat, Drink And Be Merry [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Edmonton Assembly, The [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Elixir, The; or, Sixty Years Young [by Charles Bolton, 1999]
Eva Bakes a Patty-Cake [by Fred Freuthal]
EZPZ [by Michael Barraclough, 2010]
EZPZ2 [by Michael Barraclough, 2010]
Farewell To The Shore [by Dan Seppeler, 2012]
Felton Rag, The [by Charles Bolton, 1984]
Finding Your Balance [by John Sweeney]
First Baptist Assembly [by Victor Skowronski, 2002]
Flying Sorceress [by Kalia Kliban, 2007]
Fogg's Fold [by Victor Skowronski, 2015]
For Diane [by Fred Freuthal]
For He's A Jolly Good Fellow [by Michael Barraclough, 2016]
Ford's Frolic [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Four Jolly Sheepskins [by John Sweeney]
Franch Ambassador, The [by Fred Freuthal]
French Ambassador, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Fresh Fields [by Charles Bolton, 2005]
Gate To The Graveyard Is One Way Only, The [by Michael Barraclough, 2005]
Gatekeeper, The [by Fred Freuthal]
Gender Bender [by Charles Bolton, 1999]
Genevieve [by Victor Skowronski, 2006]
Glen Becket [by Bob Green, 2015]
Goodnight Moon [by Sharon McKinley, 2011]
Great Hall, The [by Charles Bolton, 1994]
Gypsy Around [by Michael Barraclough, 2003]
Hale Barns [by Charles Bolton, 1995]
Harrow Hoedown [by Charles Bolton, 1984]
Harvard Assembly [by Victor Skowronski, 2010]
Harwood Hall [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Hatfield House [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Health To Betty, A [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Heart's Fancy [by Sharon McKinley, May 2011]
Hedgehog Helper [by Michael Barraclough, 2013]
Here's Howe! [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
Heyloft [Alan Winston, 2012]
Heys In Time [by Liz Donaldson, 2011]
Hillingdon Heath; or, Watch The Birdie [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Hommage To Herbie [by Charles Bolton, 1994]
Hope For The Best [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Howl At The Moon [by Nicholas Rockstroh]
Hunters Hoedown [by Michael Barraclough, 2010]
Hyper Inflation Reel [by Michael Barraclough, 1970s]
I Saw Three Ships [by Chris Kermiet, 1999]
Jack North [by Melissa Running, 2010]
John's Maggot [by Victor Skowronski, 2003]
Joie de Vivre [by Sharon McKinley, 2011]
Joseph's Idyll [by Victor Skowronski, 2003]
Julian's Jolly [by Michael Barraclough, 1970s]
June Apple [by Michael Barraclough, 2013]
Karen’s Parrot [by John Sweeney]
Kensington Court [reconstructed by Charles Bolton]
Kent Short Dance [by Michael Barraclough, 1980]
Keymer Klomp [by Michael Barraclough, 1979]
King For A Day [by Charles Bolton, 2001]
Knitting Dance [by Michael Barraclough, c1975]
Lambs On Green Hill [by Dan Seppeler, 2011]
Lanchester Larks [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Laura's Leap [by Nicholas Rockstroh, 2015]
Leesburg Assembly Too [by Michael Barraclough, 2012]
Legacy of Love, A [by Jens Dill, 2015]
Leslie's Maggot [by Victor Skowronski, 2001]
Lesson, The [by Michael Barraclough, 2009]
Liberated Ladies, The [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
Life Is A Bowl of Perry's [by Michael Barraclough, 2014]
Life is But A Melancholy Flower [by John Sweeney]
Loop the Loop [by John Sweeney]
Loop The Loop [by Michael Barraclough, 2013]
Losing Weight [by Michael Barraclough, 2009]
Love Shack, The [by Michael Barraclough, 2012]
Mad Gypsy, The; or Circulatory Insanity [by John Sweeney]
Madeira Dream [by Tom Senior, 2004]
Madeira Dream Revisited [by Michael Barraclough, 2017]
Manton Lane [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Marc's Waltz [by Victor Skowronski, 2002]
March of the Three Kings [by Victor Skowronski, Updated 2014]
Margaret [by Victor Skowronski, 1998]
Marty's Waltz [by Fred Freuthal]
Measure For Margaret, A [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
Michael Left His Brain In Bed [by Michael Barraclough, 2003]
Michael's Triplet #1 [by Michael Barraclough, 2009]
Mike's Health [Lynn Williams Jensen, 2011]
Minnows; or, Bother the Fish [by Melissa Running, 2011]
Moll In The Wad [by Michael Barraclough, 1970s]
Moonwalk [by Charles Bolton, 2004]
Morrford [by John Sweeney]
Mortal Wombat [by Fred Freuthal]
Mortal Wombat [by Michael Barraclough, 2009]
Moscow Nights [by Charles Bolton, 2000]
Moving At The Merc #2 [by Chris Kermiet, c1990]
Mr McFarlane's Surprise; or, On-Line With Ian [by Charles Bolton, 1998]
Mrs Pike's Maggot; or, Ann's Anniversary [by Charles Bolton, 1997]
Mrs Pomeroy's Pavane; or, Bridgewater's Gain [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Nancy's Distraction [by Victor Skowronski, 2002]
Nervous Breakdown [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
New Broom, A [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Nick's Maggot [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Nightdress, The [by Michael Barraclough, 1998]
Nonsuch Cottage (1st version) [by Charles Bolton, 1987]
Nonsuch Cottage (2nd version) [by Charles Bolton, 1987]
Not Another Balance [by Michael Barraclough, 2012\
O, Susato [by Victor Skowronski, 2000]
Olive's Toy [by Charles Bolton, 1984]
Optimist, The [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
Orliana [by Charles Bolton, 2002]
Orly Triumphant [by Victor Skowronski, 1999]
Pacheco Pass [by Bob Green, 2017]
Paddington Street [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
Pastures New [by Charles Bolton, 2004]
Paula's Pit Stop [by Michael Barraclough, 2005]
Pearl, The [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Peeping Tom The New Way [by Michael Barraclough, 1970s]
Pendle Hall [by Denise Atherton]
Pendle's Fancy [by Denise Atherton]
Pestchye [by John Sweeney]
Petronella Swing #2 [by Michael Barraclough, 2013]
Plaster Cast, The [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Plaza Reel [by Michael Barraclough, 1970s]
Pluck Me A Fig [by Anna Rain, 2011]
Polygamy [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Portsmouth Review [by Michael Barraclough, 1980s]
Possibilities [by Melissa Running, 2011]
Potluck #2 [by Michael Barraclough]
Primrose Hill [by Charles Bolton, 1984]
Promenade Four [Alan Winston, 2016]
Queen Anne's Delight [by Don Lennartson]
Rad Robin [Lynn Williams Jensen, 2015]
Rafe's Waltz [by Victor Skowronski, 1996]
Red And Green Chilly [by Michael Barraclough, 2014]
Red House (Victor's Variant) [by Victor Skowronski, 2003]
Reeds United [by Charles Bolton, 2001]
Resolution [by Charles Bolton, 1995]
Rhonda's On The Razzle [by Michael Barraclough, 2004]
Rhonda's Resolution [by Michael Barraclough, 2004]
Rhonda's Returning [by Michael Barraclough, 2007]
Rhonda's Riches [by Michael Barraclough, 2008]
Rhonda's Romance [by Michael Barraclough, 2000]
Richard's Wet Noodle [by Michael Barraclough, 2016]
Rigadoon [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Rose Without a Thorn [by Victor Skowronski, updated 2015]
Rotafl [by John Sweeney]
Round Robin [by Charles Bolton, 2002]
Ruby Revelry [by Charles Bolton, 2000]
Ruby, The [by Charles Bolton, 1978]
Ruins of Athens [by Victor Skowronski, 2013)
Ryedale [by Charles Bolton, 1993]
Serendipity [by Charles Bolton, 2000]
Serenity [Rosemary Lach, 2013]
Sidewinder, The [by Kalia Kliban, 2007]
Silver Jig; or, Bring On The Dancing Searls [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
Simple Folk [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
Sir Watkin's Jig [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Sixteenth Of November, The (1st version) [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Sixteenth Of November, The (2nd version) [by Charles Bolton, 2002]
Skip Sprightly [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
Slithy Dance, The [by John Sweeney]
Smooth Ride [by Michael Barraclough, 2008]
Sounds of the Dance [by Fred Freuthal]
Southerly Breeze, A [by Charles Bolton, 1999]
Southwind [Alan Winston, 2011]
Spring Wedding [by Charles Bolton, 1991]
Springfield Court [by Charles Bolton, 2005]
Squire Western's Fancy [by Fred Freuthal]
St George's Day; or, The Birthday Of The Bard (1st version) [by Charles Bolton, 1987]
Stately Manor [by Charles Bolton, 1990]
Stolen From Erik [by Michael Barraclough, 2005]
Studio Plus [by Michael Barraclough, 2003]
Sue's Fancy; or, The Real Needham [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
Summer Of 96½ [by Michael Barraclough, 1996]
Summer Storm [by Michael Barraclough, 2006]
Summer Sun [by Nicholas Rockstroh]
Susan's Nightmare [by Fred Freuthal]
Susan's Waltz [by Victor Skowronski, 2014]
Sweet Nothings or The Biggest Flirt [Carl Dreher, 2014]
Sweet Potato Pie [by Sharon McKinley, 2014]
Sweets for the Intermission [by Fred Freuthal]
Swinging For It [by Michael Barraclough, 2013]
Tenth Anniversary Idyll [by Victor Skowronski, 2009]
Terpsichore [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
TI One On [by Chris Kermiet]
Toast To Gerry, A [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day [by Victor Skowronski, 2006]
Trafalgar Day [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Treasurer's Report, The [by Fred Freuthal]
Trip to Florence [by Michael Barraclough, 2010]
Trip to Hazlitt [by John Sweeney, 2015]
Trip To Hengrave, A [by Charles Bolton, 1984]
Trip To Hexham, A [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Trip to Hoboken [by Victor Skowronski, 2001]
Trip to San Jose, A [by Sharon McKinley and Dianne Schmit, 1994]
Trip To Santa Barbara [by Michael Barraclough, 2015]
Ursa Major [by Michael Barraclough, 2011]
Waiting For The Visa [by Michael Barraclough, 2007]
Waltz For LoV [by Victor Skowronski, 2013]
Water Lilies [by Melissa Running, 2010]
We Don't Have No Snow Shoes Here! [by Michael Barraclough, 2014]
Wearside [by Charles Bolton, 2000]
Wee Willie II [by John Sweeney]
When The Lights Went Out At Halsway [by Michael Barraclough and others, 2004]
Whole Hannikin [by John Sweeney]
Would You [by Victor Skowronski, 2010]
Xanadu [by Charles Bolton, 1984]
Zag-Zig Whirl [by Michael Barraclough, 2006]
Zagzig [by Charles Bolton, 1998]



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