Charles Bolton Dances - Introduction

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Charles Bolton ImageCharles Bolton ( - 2016), noted UK caller and dance choreographer, produced 9 books of original English Country Dances as well as 10 books of his interpretations/adaptations of 17th and 18th century English Country Dances, 196 dances in total. Charles has made these available to everyone for free (under the Creative Commons license) on the Country Dance and Song Society web site, where thery are available only as individual dances.

On this website you can download the dances: on a book-by-book basis; as a single download of all the original dances; as a single download of all the interpretations; as well as each dance individually.

You do not need to be logged in as a registered user to download individual dances. These can be accessed through the menu system.

You do need to be a registered user of this site to be able to download complete books or complete collections of dances. You can login and/or register (free) from the LOGIN link at the bottom of the screen or by clicking  LOGINLinks to the download pages will appear in the DANCES | CHARLES BOLTON menu once you are logged in.




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