'Twas O'er The Hills And Far Away II [adapted by Charles Bolton]
'Twas Over The Hills And Far Away [adapted by Charles Bolton]
25cc; or, A Trip To The Mill Hill Jubilee [by Charles Bolton, 1984]
5 Leaf Clover [by Michael Barraclough, Nov 2012]
Abbesses [by Alan Winston, 1997/1997]
Abbey Reflection [by Trevor Monson, 1997]
Active Pass [Rosemary Lach, 2016]
Addington Tunnel Dance [by Michael Barraclough, 1980]
Again Sweet Richard [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
Albany Assembly [by Victor Skowronski, 1999]
Annandale Exchange [by Michael Barraclough, 2012]
Another Sweet Richard [by Ken Sheffield]
Ashford Anniversary, The [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Ashworth [by Charles Bolton, 2002]
Band Wagon, The [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Barbara Woodhouse Reel [by Michael Barraclough, 1980]
Barnard Castle [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Bebbington Belle [by Michael Barraclough, 1984]
Beechen Grove's New Hall [by Charles Bolton, 1987]
Beggars' Delight, The [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Beginner's Luck [by Charles Bolton, 1994]
Bigamy [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
Black Boy, The [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Bloomsbury Market [adaptation by Ken Sheffield]
Blue Knickers [by Michael Barraclough, 2000]
Blue Primrose, The [by Ken Sheffield]
Bob In The Bed [reconstruction by Ken Sheffield]
Bob's Birthday [by Michael Barraclough, 2009]
Braes Of Dornoch [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Brick Makers, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Britain's Glory [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Cameron's Folly [Rosemary Lach, 2016]
Cannock Chase [by Charles Bolton, 1991]
Cast Away Waltz [Alan Winston, 2002]
Cat's Cradle [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
Chairman's Excursion, The [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Cheerily And Merrily [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Circassian Square [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
Circe's Charm [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Collier's Daughter, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Colonel John Irwin [by Ken Sheffield]
Constant Lover, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Constant Nymph [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Cordiality [by Charles Bolton, 2000]
Cupid's Garden [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Dainty Fine Bride, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Dance For Mars, A [by Tom Senior, 2014]
Dancing Years, The [by Charles Bolton, 1995]
Débauché, Le [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Devonshire Girl, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Doctor Vincent's Delight [by Charles Bolton, 1983]
Double Top [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Drive The Cold Winter Away [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Dunwich Heath [by Charles Bolton, 1984]
Eat, Drink And Be Merry [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Edgworth Bumpkins [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Edmonton Assembly, The [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Elixir, The; or, Sixty Years Young [by Charles Bolton, 1999]
F-Lock [by John Sweeney]
Fanny Power [by Ken Sheffield]
Felton Rag, The [by Charles Bolton, 1984]
Ford's Frolic [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Four Jolly Sheepskins [by John Sweeney]
Franch Ambassador, The [by Fred Freuthal]
French Ambassador, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Gender Bender [by Charles Bolton, 1999]
Genevieve [by Victor Skowronski, 2006]
Glory Of The West, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Good Fellowship [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Green Stockings [by Michael Barraclough, c1973]
Guardian Angels [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Gypsy A Trois [by John Sweeney]
Hale Barns [by Charles Bolton, 1995]
Half Century [by Ken Sheffield]
Happy Captive, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Harvard Assembly [by Victor Skowronski, 2010]
Hatfield House [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Haystack Roundabout [by Michael Barraclough, c1970]
Health To Betty, A [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Heart's Fancy [by Sharon McKinley, May 2011]
Heathcot's Horse Race [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Here's Howe! [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
Hewlett [by Ken Sheffield]
Hey Maker's Dance, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Highland Wedding [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Hillingdon Heath; or, Watch The Birdie [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Hope For The Best [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Hunters Hoedown [by Michael Barraclough, 2010]
Huzza My Boys [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
I Often For My Jenny Strove [adapted by Charles Bolton]
I Wonder At It [by Ken Sheffield]
Jack Of Both Sides [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Jim's Square [by Michael Barraclough, 2013]
Joan's Placket [by Michael Barraclough, 1970s]
Jockey To The Fair [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Julian's Jolly [by Michael Barraclough, 1970s]
Kendall House [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Kent Short Dance [by Michael Barraclough, 1980]
Keymer Klomp [by Michael Barraclough, 1979]
King For A Day [by Charles Bolton, 2001]
Knitting Dance [by Michael Barraclough, c1975]
Lanchester Larks [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Last New Vagaries, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Lavender's Blue [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
Legacy of Love, A [by Jens Dill, 2015]
Liberated Ladies, The [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
London Gentlewoman, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Love And Innocence (1st version) [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
Maggot for Jonathon, A [by Fred Freuthal]
Man From Canterbury, The [by Ken Sheffield]
Manton Lane [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Marty's Waltz [by Fred Freuthal]
Mayor And Corporation, The [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Measure For Margaret, A [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
Merry Conceit, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Michael's Triplet #1 [by Michael Barraclough, 2009]
Milk Maids Bob [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Millison's Jig [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Miss Longs For It [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Miss Margaret's Delight [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Miss Sandie's Delight [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Mock Match, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Moonwalk [by Charles Bolton, 2004]
More Alterations [adaptated by Ken Sheffield]
Morrford [by John Sweeney]
Mortal Wombat [by Fred Freuthal]
Moscow Nights [by Charles Bolton, 2000]
Mr Bolton's Fancy [by Charles Bolton, 1984]
Mr Heath's Dance [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Mr McFarlane's Surprise; or, On-Line With Ian [by Charles Bolton, 1998]
Mr Playford's Roundabout [by Charles Bolton, 2002]
Mrs Hill's Dance [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Mrs Pike's Maggot; or, Ann's Anniversary [by Charles Bolton, 1997]
Mrs Pomeroy's Pavane; or, Bridgewater's Gain [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Musical Mycologist, The [by Kalia Kliban, 2010]
My Lady Winwood's Maggot [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Neck Or Nothing [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Nervous Breakdown [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
New Allemand, The [by Ken Sheffield]
New Broom, A [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
New Man Tiger [adapted by Charles Bolton]
New Princess Royal [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Newbury Fair [by Ken Sheffield]
Nightdress, The [by Michael Barraclough, 1998]
Nonsuch Cottage (1st version) [by Charles Bolton, 1987]
Nonsuch Cottage (2nd version) [by Charles Bolton, 1987]
Nora's Christmas Box [by Charles Bolton, 1984]
North Country Lass [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Octagon, The [by Charles Bolton, 1993]
Off With The Mask [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Old Brun's Barn Dance [by Michael Barraclough, 1981]
Olive's Toy [by Charles Bolton, 1984]
One More Dance And Then [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Open All Hours [by Ken Sheffield]
Optimist, The [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
Orliana [by Charles Bolton, 2002]
Over The Top Square [by Michael Barraclough, 1982]
Pa’ Bailar III [by John Sweeney]
Pacheco Pass [by Bob Green, 2017]
Pacific Crest [by Melissa Running, 2011]
Paddlers Coff [by Ken Sheffield]
Parson Upon Dorothy [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Pastures New [by Charles Bolton, 2004]
Pearl, The [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Peeping Tom The New Way [by Michael Barraclough, 1970s]
Pegging The Needle [Alan Winston, 2004]
Pendle Grove [by Denise Atherton]
Pendle Hall [by Denise Atherton]
Pendle's Fancy [by Denise Atherton]
Petticoat Wag [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Pigtown Whimsy [by Tom Senior, 2014]
Plaster Cast, The [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Polygamy [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Pond Full Of Stars [by Kalia Kliban, 2010]
Portsmouth Review [by Michael Barraclough, 1980s]
Prince Augusta's Tamborine [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Prince Edward's Jig [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Quarter Day [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Red And All Red [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Red Ribbon, The [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Reeds United [by Charles Bolton, 2001]
Resolution [by Charles Bolton, 1995]
Riddle, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Rigadoon [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Rolling Waves [by John Sweeney]
Row Well Ye Mariners; or, Sailors' Clap Dance, The [by Michael Barraclough, 1970s]
Ruby Revelry [by Charles Bolton, 2000]
Ruby, The [by Charles Bolton, 1978]
Rugget's Roundabout [by Michael Barraclough, 1977]
Rural Felicity [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Russian Dance, The [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Ryedale [by Charles Bolton, 1993]
Sage Leaf [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Scating Dutchman, The [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Scrutiny, The [reconstruction by Ken Sheffield]
Search For A Title
Sellenger's Wheel [Alan Winston, 2003]
Selsdon Park [by Michael Barraclough, Mar 1981]
Serendipity [by Charles Bolton, 2000]
She Would If She Could [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Shepherds Round [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Sidewinder, The [by Kalia Kliban, 2007]
Simple Folk [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
Simple Gift, A [by Victor Skowronski, 2012]
Sir Watkin's Jig [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Sixteenth Of November, The (1st version) [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Sixteenth Of November, The (2nd version) [by Charles Bolton, 2002]
Soft And Sweet [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Squire Western's Fancy [by Fred Freuthal]
St George's Day; or, The Birthday Of The Bard (1st version) [by Charles Bolton, 1987]
St George's Day; or, The Birthday Of The Bard (2nd version) [by Charles Bolton, 1999]
Stately Manor [by Charles Bolton, 1990]
Steel Hoop, The [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Stingo [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Stratford Square [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Sue's Fancy; or, The Real Needham [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
Suggar Candie [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Swinging For It [by Michael Barraclough, 2013]
Sylvia's Saunter [by Michael Barraclough, c1980]
Temple Of Health, The [adaptation by Ken Sheffield]
Ten Pound Lass [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Terpsichore [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
Toast To Gerry, A [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
Trafalgar Day [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Tricylic [by John Sweeney, updated 2016]
Trip To Hengrave, A [by Charles Bolton, 1984]
Trip To Hexham, A [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Trip To Kilburn, A [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Trip To Mill Hill, A [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
Trip To Nottingham, A [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Trip To Plymouth, A [by Ken Sheffield]
Tumble Down Dick [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Up Goes Ely [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Up Tails All [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Up Tails All Round [by John Sweeney]
Vaughan's Ramble [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
We Will Go Down With The French [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Wearside [by Charles Bolton, 2000]
Wee Willie II [by John Sweeney]
White Joak, The [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Whole Hannikin [by John Sweeney]
Willy's Rare And Willy's Fair [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Wooburn Abbey [by Ken Sheffield]
Would You [by Victor Skowronski, 2010]
Young Widow, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Zagzig [by Charles Bolton, 1998]


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