'Twas Over The Hills And Far Away [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Again Sweet Richard [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
Barbara Woodhouse Reel [by Michael Barraclough, 1980]
Black Boy, The [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Brick Makers, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
British Toper, The [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Cannock Chase [by Charles Bolton, 1991]
Collier's Daughter, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Double Top [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Edgworth Bumpkins [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Edmonton Assembly, The [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
French Ambassador, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Happy Captive, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Harvard Assembly [by Victor Skowronski, 2010]
Highland Wedding [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Huzza My Boys [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
I Often For My Jenny Strove [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Kendall House [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Last New Vagaries, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Measure For Margaret, A [by Charles Bolton, 1985]
Miss Longs For It [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Miss Margaret's Delight [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Mock Match, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Mrs Hill's Dance [adapted by Charles Bolton]
My Lady Winwood's Maggot [adapted by Charles Bolton]
New Allemand, The [by Ken Sheffield]
Plaster Cast, The [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Prince Augusta's Tamborine [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Quarter Day [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Red And All Red [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Reeds United [by Charles Bolton, 2001]
Riddle, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Rigadoon [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Russian Dance, The [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Ryedale [by Charles Bolton, 1993]
Shepherds Round [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Sir Watkin's Jig [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Sixteenth Of November, The (1st version) [by Charles Bolton, 1989]
Sixteenth Of November, The (2nd version) [by Charles Bolton, 2002]
Stately Manor [by Charles Bolton, 1990]
Temple Of Health, The [adaptation by Ken Sheffield]
Trip To Kilburn, A [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
Trip To Nottingham, A [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Up Goes Ely [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Vaughan's Ramble [adapted by Ken Sheffield]
We Will Go Down With The French [adapted by Charles Bolton]


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