4 More Years [by Michael Barraclough, 2012]
All The Eights [by Michael Barraclough, 2008]
Beckett's Crossing [by Chris Kermiet]
Beside The Riverside [by Michael Barraclough, 2016]
Cast Away Waltz [Alan Winston, 2002]
Catie Gets Around [by Michael Barraclough, 2011]
Catie's In The Clover [by Michael Barraclough, 2011]
Catie's Line Dance [by Michael Barraclough, 2011]
Catie's Quartet [by Michael Barraclough, 2011]
Chain 'n' Hey [by John Sweeney]
Chain Gang [by Michael Barraclough ?]
Chairman's Excursion, The [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Contrasonic [by Michael Barraclough, 2011]
Ford's Frolic [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Fresh Fields [by Charles Bolton, 2005]
Glory Of The West, The [adapted by Charles Bolton]
Hatfield House [by Charles Bolton, 1992]
Hommage To Herbie [by Charles Bolton, 1994]
Institute, The [by Michael Barraclough, 1983]
Laura's Leap [by Nicholas Rockstroh, 2015]
Liberated Ladies, The [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
Life Is A Bowl of Perry's [by Michael Barraclough, 2014]
Love Shack, The [by Michael Barraclough, 2012]
Mad Gypsy, The; or Circulatory Insanity [by John Sweeney]
Mr McFarlane's Surprise; or, On-Line With Ian [by Charles Bolton, 1998]
Musical Mycologist, The [by Kalia Kliban, 2010]
Nancy's Distraction [by Victor Skowronski, 2002]
Not Another Balance [by Michael Barraclough, 2012\
Optimist, The [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
Paula's Pit Stop [by Michael Barraclough, 2005]
Pestchye [by John Sweeney]
Petronella Swing #2 [by Michael Barraclough, 2013]
Pigtown Whimsy [by Tom Senior, 2014]
Polygamy [by Charles Bolton, 1986]
Rhonda's Returning [by Michael Barraclough, 2007]
Rotafl [by John Sweeney]
Round Robin [by Charles Bolton, 2002]
Search For A Title
Simple Folk [by Charles Bolton, 1982]
Slithy Dance, The [by John Sweeney]
Summer Of 96½ [by Michael Barraclough, 1996]
Susan's Nightmare [by Fred Freuthal]
Wearside [by Charles Bolton, 2000]
When The Lights Went Out At Halsway [by Michael Barraclough and others, 2004]


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