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In the past, I have had about 2000 visitors on my website each year. I am expecting that will increase significantly over the next couple of years as my new website is faster, easier to use and has more content for visitors to want to come - dances for callers and teachers, reconstructions for those interested in historical dance, many videos and articles about dance etc.

You can advertise on my site for just $10. There will be a maximum of 20 adverts at any time so this guarantees that your advert will appear every 2 minutes (users can also fast forward through the adverts). The advert will be at the top of the screen throughout the site and will remain on the screen for 6 seconds before the next advert displays. The advert consists of a graphic and some text underneath it.

The graphic should be 1200x200px in size. You can either supply a graphic or I can create one for you by taking a screen shot from your website or any other online source, eg a non-copyright photo. You can either link to a page on a website, include contact details in the graphic or provide contact information in the text underneath the graphic (my site is protected against internet trolls trying to collect email addresses off web pages).

If you are interested please contact me.

The $10 is an introductory price. It will go up to $15 and then to $20 eventually.


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