1. Each column can be sorted in ascending or descending order, but only one column can be sorted at a time
  2. Searching is across the complete table, thus a search for 'Michael' will find
  1. A, An, Le, La, Les and The are all placed in [] after the dance name
  2. A blank in the author field means that I do not know who the author is
  3. A name in the author field means that person wrote the dance
  4. A source in the author field means that this is the book where the 1st known instance was published, in which case the person who interpreted the dance will be shown in the comments field
  5. ?interpreted in the comments field is used when there are multiple interpretations of a dance and the particular interpretation used is unknown
  6. USA interpretation means that the version used in the USA is different from that used in the UK (usually Cecil Sharp) but the USA interpreter is unknown (in the USA they will tell you that it is Cecil Sharp, but it is different)