4 More Years

By: Michael Barraclough, November 2012
Music: 32-bar smooth reels
Formation: Longways duple becket

A1 1-4 Circle left 3/4, pass through (up and down)
  5-8 (Next) neighbor swing (end facing partner, butb stay connected to neighbor so that the man can tug the lady to move in front of him)
A2 1-4 Neighbor shuttle (ladies in front to start)
  5-8 Ladies chain, into
B1 1-8 Hey
B2 1-8 Partner balance and swing
Notes 1 Written whilst waiting after polling had finished.  The title came to me when I heard that Barack Obama had narrowly won what had been the most Republican precinct in Fairfax County, VA which seemed like a good guide to how the election would turn out. 
  2 If you don't feel that your life will be put in danger, you could suggest that the transition from the ladies chain to the hey is much nicer with a courtesy turn rather than a twirl!
  3 The Neighbor Shuttle has multiple names:  Mad Robin, sideways do-si-do, shuttle etc.  I prefer the Shuttle name as it actually describes the movement well.  The term Mad Robin comes from the contra world 'stealing' a figure from an English country Dance from 1695, called Mad Robin.  In fact, the USA version of Mad Robin is different from the UK version, and that is why I prefer not using the term.  For those unfamiliar with the figure it is executed thus: change places moving sideways with the person beside you (in this case your neighbor) with the ladies going in front of the men.  Then change back in the same way except that the men go in front.


© Michael Barraclough, 2012


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