2 Many Lies

By: Michael Barraclough, November 2012
Music: 32-bar smooth contra style jigs or reels
Formation: Longways duple improper (double progression)

A1 1-4 Ladies forward and make a wavy line, balance right and left (and stay)
  5-8 Men forward and make a wavy line (mens hands under the ladies hands), balance right and left, then men drop right hands and ladies drop left hands
A2 1-4 Gypsy star 3/4 (men back up)
  5-8 Partner swing (end facing up and down with your back to your partner)
B1 1-4 Star left (with neighbor and adjacent couple)
  5-8 (Original) men allemande right 1.5
B2 1-8 (Next) neighbor balance and swing
Notes 1 The dance uses figures from two of my favorite dances.  The Gypsy Star figure comes from Cary Ravitz's dances Gypsy Star and Woven Waves.  Starring with the adjacent couple comes from Happy As A Pig In Warm Mud by Mike Boerschig.  
  2 It is suggested that you look at your partner, rather than right and left, in the balances in A1.
  3 In the Gypsy Star it is suggested that you take your partner's free hand.  This will both help maintain the distance between you and your partner in the star, and, help pull into the swing.  If you wish you can reverse the roles in the swing.


© Michael Barraclough, 2012


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