A Simple Gift

By: Victor Skowronski, 2012
Music: Simple Gifts (Josephe Brackett, 1848)
Formation: Double circle, men inside, facing partner (mixer)

A 1-2 A double counter-clockwise and back 
  3-4 A double clockwise and back (end facing partner)
  5-6 Back and forward a double
  13-16 Partner two-hand turn
B 1-2 (On left diagonal) left-hand turn
  3-4 Partner slow set and honor, right and left
  5-6 (On right diagonal) right-hand turn
  7-8 Partner gypsy right, moving on one place counter-clockwise to face left diagonal (new partner)
NOTES: 1 4 steps per measure
  2 The dance is inspired by an illustration of Shakers dancing.  The illustration shows a Shaker dance where the men form an inner circle and the women an outer one.  They are also moving in opposite directions.  The circle mixer formation imitates this formation.
  3 The dance is intended to be a beginner friendly dance.  A dancer never turns his or her back on his or her partner, so it is always possible to get help.
  4 A 1-4 can be replaced by into-line siding or arming



© Victor Skowronski, 2012

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