The Love Shack

By: Michael Barraclough, March 2012
Music: 32-bar contra style jigs with a bouncy A and a smooth B
Formation: Longways duple minor becket
For: Rae and Craig Fixler

A1 1-4 Partner balance and box the gnat (ending in long wavy lines, men facing out, ladies facing in)
  5-8 Balance right and left and Rory O'More spin right (end in a ring of four, men spin 1/2 or 1.5)
A2 1-4 Balance the ring and petronella spin right
  5-8 Balance the ring and partner California twirl
B1 1-8 Next neighbor balance and swing
B2 1-8 Give and take (ladies take, partner swing)
Notes 1 Rae and Craig are almost part of the fixtures and fittings at BACDS Family Camp.  It was strange, therefore, to not have them on camp in 2011.  I had offered to write a dance as an auction prize and the whole camp decided to chip in to buy this dance in their honor.  It should go well to old time tunes (Craig loves playing old time) and is named after their travel trailer.
  2 The dance starts with a sequence of four different balance and 'twirl's.  The only tricky bit is for the men who need to remember to only spin 1/2 in the Rory O'More (or be extra exhuberant, like the Fixlers, and spin 1.5)
  3 See the dance done on YouTube:

© Michael Barraclough, 2012


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