Heys In Time

By: Liz Donaldson, 2011
Music: Hazelfern Jig (Liz Donaldson, 2000)
Formation: Longways duple proper

A1 1-8 1st lady hey with the men (pass 2nd man left)
A2 1-8 1st man hey with the ladies (pass 2nd lady right)
B1 1-4 1s (holding nearest hand) down a double and back
  5-8 Mirror back-to-back (1s going inside)
B2 1-2 Circle left 1/2 (drop hands with partner)
  3-4 Set (end facing neighbor)
  5-8 Circular hey (3 changes, start neighbor)
Notes 1 The movement in B1 1-4 is like up a double and back, except that it down rather than up.  



© Liz Donaldson, 2011


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