Minnows; or, Bother the Fish

By: Melissa Running, 2011
Music: Minnows (Melissa Running, 2011)
Formation: Longways duple proper

A1 1-2 1s turn single right
  3-4 Set right and left
  5-8 1s half-figure down (see Note 1)
A2 1-8 2s the same
B1 1-2 Circle left 1/2
  3-6 Turn single right (see Note 2)
  7-8 Pass partner right, stay facing out then face right along the line
B2 1-2 Forward a double (turning individually left to face the opposite direction at the end)
  3-4 Forward a double (end facing partner for)
  5-8 Partner left-hand turn 1.5 (ending proper and progressed)
NOTES: 1 Optional A1 and A2 5-6: dance the crossing part of the half-figure eight as a moving right shoulder half gypsy, keeping eye contact (in A2 the man needs to go first)
  2 This goes across the phrase and is 'ginormous'



© Melissa Running, 2011

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