Leslie's Maggot

By: Victor Skowronski, 2001
Music: The Day After the Ball (© Leslie Lassetter, 2001)
Formation: Longways duple proper

A1 1-8 Double figure of eight (1s cross down 2s move up  outside to start)
A2 1-2 Cloverleaf turn single
  3-4 Fall back from partner (with neighbor)
  5-6 Come forward, setting
  7-8 Partner gypsy right 1/2
B 1-2 Slipped circle left 1/2
  3-4 Set right and left
  5-8 Slipped circle right
  9-10 Turn single right
  11-12 1s slip up the center, 2s slipping down the outside
  13-14 Partner set right and left (1s falling back, 2s meeting)
  15-16 2s slip up the center, 1s slipping down the outside



© Victor Skowronski, 2001

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