Joseph's Idyll

By: Victor Skowronski, 2003
Music: Lulaje Jezuniu / Wesola Novine (Traditional Polish Carols)
Formation: Longways duple improper

A 1-2 Partner two-hand crossed 
  3-4 Fall back from partner, settting
  5-6 Neighbor two-hand crossed 
  7-8 Fall back from neighbor, settting
  9-10 Cloverleaf turn single (end close to partner)
  11-16 Pousette (men pull) 3/4 to a line across the set (ladies on the ends, 1s on the ladies side)
B 1-8 Open ladies chain (ladies pass partner right and tuern right to start)
  9-10 Partners take Varsuvienne position (still holding left hand with partner, ladies put their right hand by their right shoulder and men pivot to take their partner's right hand in their right hand)
  11-12 Partner promenade across
  13-14 (Keeping hands) ladies turn right under partner's left hand to face partner
  15-16 Men draw partner into progressed places



© Victor Skowronski, 2003

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