By: Victor Skowronski, 2006
Music: Allemande (Gervaise)
Formation: Longways for 4 couples

A 1-4 Up a double and back (2nd time side right, 3rd time arm right, last time circle left then right)
  5-8 (1s and 3s face down, 2s and 4s face up) mirror hey (1s and 3s start inside, set ends inverted)
  9-12 Down a double and back (2nd time side left, 3rd time arm left, last time circle right then left)
  7-8 (2s and 4s face down, 1s and 3s face up, or if convenient, start by casting up) mirror hey (2s and 4s start inside, all end home)
B 1-2 (In minor sets) 1s and 2nd lady go single file ccw one place (should flow out of the hey)
  3-4 (Middle four) star right 1/2
  5-6 (In minor sets) star left 1/2
  7-8 Turn single
  9-10 (Middle four) circle left one place
  11-12 (Whole set) circle left one place
  13-16 Partner two-hand turn 
Note 1 Progression is Top: 3, 4, 2, 1



© Victor Skowronski, 2006

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