Orly Triumphant

By: Victor Skowronski, 1999
Music: Bergerette: Sans Roch (Tielman Susato)
Formation: Longways duple proper

A 1-2 (Holding hands in a ring) set right and left
  3-4 Circle left 1/2
  5-6 Turn single right
  7-8 Partner two-hand turn (all home)
  9-10 (Holding hands in a ring) set right and left
  11-12 Circle right 1/2 (all home)
  13-14 Turn single right
  15-16 Partner back to back
B 1-4 1s cast, change with partner in the center, face up (improper) while 2s half-figure up to the end of a line of four
  5-8 Line up a double and back (see note)
  9-12 (Reform the line in partner's place) half-figures (2s cast to start, flip to face up at end; 1s lead up and cross to start)
  13-16 Line up a double and back (see note, bend the line at finish in progressed places)
Note 1 Use 2 singles (step, close, step, close) for the up a double and a double (step, step, step, close) for coming back



© Victor Skowronski, 1999

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