By: Alan Winston, 1996/1997
Music: Slow French Waltzes (Thomas Wilson's Waltz Book, 1816)
Formation: Longways 3 couple set

A1 1-4 1s cast one place (2s moving up)
  5-8 Right-hand star at each end (1st man down, 1st lady up)
A2 1-4 1s (right shoulder to right shoulder, right hand around partner's left waist) rotate in the center (using Wilson's regency Waltz if you know it)
  5-8 1s continue, but with left hands joined overhead (end proper)
B 1-8 1s pass right shoulder, right-hand turn with right hand corner, 1s pass right shoulder, right-hand turn with left hand corner
  9-12 1s pass right shoulder and cast to the bottom (3s moving up)


© Alan Winston, 1997




# Alan Winston 2012-04-11 19:44
NOTES: Abbesses is the deepest Metro station in Paris, and there is a right-hand-thre ad spiral staircase at the base. This has a sign in French which says, approximately, "If you're not feeling this adventurous, the elevator is around the corner." I was in too big of a hurry to read that. The sense of spiraling right inspired the dance. Only the right hand is used except for the A2 5-8, when the free hands are joined overhead. The first eight bars of B are essentially "Trip to Tunbridge" contra corners in waltz time; it's easy for the dancers to get ahead, and care should be taken to emphasize that passes are curved and take six steps (especially the up-and-down pass from turning first corner to 2nd), while turns also take six steps. Credit due to James Langdell for selecting and notating the music.

== Alan Winston

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