The Dancing Red Shirt; or, Mr Gedance's Dance

By: Fred Freuthal
Music: 32-bar contra style jigs or reels
Formation: Longways duple minor proper
For: Alan Gedance

A1 1-4 1s balance, cross over and loop to the right (end outside adjacent 2s, 1st man behind the 2nd lady in his minor set and 1st lady behind the 2nd lady in the minor set above)
  5-8 2s allemande left to face out for
A2 1-8 Hey (pass right to start)
B1 1-8 Balance and swing (with the one you start the hey)
B2 1-2 1s  (not your partner) box the gnat
  3-4 Ladies cast down 1 place
  5-8 Long lines forward and back
Notes 1 Some times there will only be three people for the hey at the ends
  2 When the 1s reach the bottom they dance the A1 1-4 one more time and the 1st lady joins in the rest of that turn, then they become 2s.
  3 When the 2s reach the top they dance the dance one more time, except that there will only be three people in the hey and the balance and swing is a balance and basket for three.  There will not be a partner for the extra lady in B2 1-2 and she should just cast just cast a place in B2 1-4


© Fred Freuthal

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