Susan's Nightmare

By: Fred Freuthal
Music: 48-bar contra style reels such as Wake Up Susan
Formation: Longways duple minor becket
For: Susan Taylor

A1 1-4 (Left diagonal) forward and back
  5-8 (Left diagonal) ladies chain
A2 1-8 (Left diagonal) hey (end with men in home position, new lady on their right)
B1 1-4 (Across) long lines forward and back
  5-8 (Across) ladies chain
B2 1-8 (Across) hey
C1 1-8 Partner (beside you) balance and swing (end in a ring with the couple opposite)
C2 1-2 Balance the ring
  3-4 Circle left 1/2
  5-8 Right and left thru (across, end facing on the left diagonal)
Notes 1 Wake Up Susan is a 48-bar version of Mason's Apron.  It is in the Fiddler's Fake Book.
  2 Stay where you are if there is nobody on the left diagonal in A1/A2
  3 Any couples out in C1 should also balance and swing and finish on the ladies side (top) or man's side (bottom) ready to join in the next A1/A2


© Fred Freuthal

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