A Trip to San Jose

By: Sharon McKinley and Dianne Schmit, 23 May 1994
Music: A Trip to San Jose (Jonathan Jensen)
Formation: Longways duple minor improper
For: Cynthia Stenger and David Macemon

A1 1-4 (Line of four) up a double and back (bend to a ring at the end)
  5-8 Circle left
A2 1-4 Neighbor two-hand turn
  5-8 1s two-hand turn and cast, 2s moving up
B1 1-4 (Next neighbors) 1st corners set and turn single
  5-8 (Same neighbors) 2nd corners set and turn single
B2 1-4 (Original neighbors) gate 1s up
  5-8 1s half-figure of eight up (end improper), 2s meet and lead up (to the center of the enxt line of four)
Notes 1 Start in a line of four, facing up, 2s in the center

© Sharon McKinley & Diane Schmit, 1994

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