The Gatekeeper

By: Fred Freuthal
Music: Margate Assembly (Thompson, 1788)
Formation: Longways duple minor proper

A1 1-4 Set and turn single
  5-8 1s wide cast to the center of a line of four facing up
A2 1-4 Up a double and back
  5-8 2s gate the 1s into
B1 1-8 Double figure of eight (2s cast and 1st cross up to start)
B2 1-8 Couples dance around each other (to these places)
Notes 1 Dedicated to the unsung heroes who manage the 'gate' at English dances
  2 Dance around can be once (leisurly) or twice (frenetic)
  3 Tune, below, should be played AAB.

 © Fred Freuthal

Margate Assembly (1)

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