Pluck Me a Fig

By: Anna Rain
Music: Winter Oranges (Daron Douglas, 1995)
Formation: Longways Duple Minor

A1 1-4 ALL CHANGE WITH CORNER: 2nd corners dance right shoulder around partner, into
  5-8 Lead their partner into each other's corner's place
A2 1-4 ALL GO BACK HOME: 1st corners dance left shoulder around partner, into
  5-8 Lead their partner into original place (end facing neighbor)
B1 1-4 Neighbor left shoulder back to back
  5-6 All set forward to center, into
  7-8 Turn single right out to place, into
B2 1-4 Circle left (zesty, keep hands with neighbor at end)
  5-8 Set and link
Notes 1 Set and link = set, then change with neighbor turning single, 1st corners inside the set and 2nd corners outside the set
  2 In A1 and A2, as each corner finishes dancing around their partner and ehads back towards their home position, they hold out their trailing hand and take their partner's nearest hand to lead them around the minor set.
  3 Instructions for A1 and A2 corrected on 5/1/2014.



© Anna Rain, 2011

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