Dorchester Delight; or, A Trip to Cambridge

By: Sharon McKinley, 27 March 2004
Music: The Detour (Sharon McKinley, 2004)
Formation: Longways Duple Minor
For: Gina, Jim, Laurie and Tom, with thanks

A1 1-4 1s set and cast, 2s moving up
  5-8 1s half-figure down (through next 2s below)
A2 1-4 2s set and cast, 1s moving up
  5-8 2s half-figure down (through next 1s below)
B1 1-4 Neighbors lead out and back
  5-8 Partner two-hand turn once and a half (end proper)
B2 1-2 1st corners change place
  3-4 2nd corners change places
  5-6 Circle left 1/2
  7-8 1s cast, 2s moving up


© Sharon McKinley, 2004



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