Heart's Fancy

By: Sharon McKinley, 1994 (revised 2002)
Music: Heart's Fancy (Sharon McKinley, 1994)
Formation: Longways for 3 couples

A 1-16 Crossover mirror heys: 1st lady pass 3rd man left, 1st man pass 3rd lady right to start, stay on the wrong side until back at the top, then cross back over and hey on own side
B1 1-8 Shoelaces: 1st man change with 2nd lady and then with 3rd man then 1st lady change with 2nd man and then 3rd lady
  9-12 Circle six left 1/2 (end 1s facing partner, 2s and 3s facing each other along the side)
  13-16 Set and two-hand turn 1/2
B2 1-4 1s and 2s star right
  5-8 1s and 2s pousette clockwise 1/2
  9-12 1s and 3s star left
  13-16 1s and 3s pousette counter-clockwise 1/2 (Top: 2-3-1)
Notes 1 Don't do the dance too fast; it's hard to move fast in 3/4
  2 The dance needs space to be done gracefully

Heart's Fancy tune



© Sharon McKinley, 2002

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