Goodnight, Moon

By: Sharon McKinley, 2007
Music: Goodnight, Moon (Sharon McKinley, August 2011)
Formation: Longways duple minor improper

A 1 Balance in to center and out
  2 Turn single right (end facing neighbor)
  3-4 Neighbor gypsy (right shoulder)
  5-6 1s half-figure eight down (through 2s)
  7-8 2s half-figure up (through 1s, end on the end of a line of four facing down)
B 1-2 Lines down the hall (6 steps), turn towards neighbor to face up (2 steps)
  3-4 Lines up the hall (end in a ring)
  5 Circle left 1/2-way
  6 Partner two-hand turn 1/2
  7-8 Partner draw pousette 1/2 (clockwise, ladies backing up)
Notes 1 A cool, slow, easy summertime dance for the Baltimore Folk Music Society stalwarts who dance in un-air-conditioned splendor all summer long

Words (for those who like to sing

Goodnight moon, and goodnight stars
Goodnight, friends, where'er you are
Sunset comes, the dark is nigh,
And so, my friends, we say goodbye.

Do not fear that we must part
For I hold you in my heart.
So to bed; sweet dreams, sleep tight,
And to all we say goodnight.

Goodnight Moon tune


© Dance, tune and words by Sharon McKinley, 2011

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