Sweets for the Intermission

By: Fred Freuthal
Music: Sweets of May and other 48 bar jigs
Formation: Longways triple minor, triple progression
For: refreshment committees at English Country Dances

A1 1-2 1st man bow to partner
  3-4 1st man sets to 2nd lady
  5-8 1st man two-hand turn 3rd lady (ending in 2nd place, 2nd man moving up)
A2 1-2 1st lady bow to 2nd man (in her partner's place)
  3-4 1st lady set to he partner
  5-8 1st lady two-hand turn 3rd man (ending in 2nd place, 2nd lady moving up)
B1 1-4 1s and 3s star right (at bottom)
  5-8 Partner gypsy (right shoulder)
B2 1-4 1s and 2s star left (at top)
  5-8 Partner gypsy (left shoulder)
C1 1-4 1s cross and cast down
  5-8 1s and next couple below 2 changes (with hands)
C2 1-4 Partner back-to-back
  5-8 Partner two-had turn until proper
Notes 1 in C1 5-8, just make one change or no changes (both work)


Sweets of May tune

© Fred Freuthal

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