For Diane

By: Fred Freuthal
Music: 32-bar waltzes, eg Leona Tuttle
Formation: Longways duple minor improper
For: Diane Friedman

A1 1-4 Neighbor balance and star thru (men R, ladies L)
  5-8 Partner balance and star thru (men R, ladies L, end facing neighbor)
A2 1-4 Two changes (withhands, end facing out)
  5-8 Neighbor lead out and back
B1 1-2 Ladies cross
  3-4 Men cross
  5-6 Circle left 1/2
  7-8 Balance the ring (end facing neighbor)
B2 1-4 (This) neighbor pass (right), next neighbor gypsy right
  5-8 (Same) neighbor two-hand turn
Notes 1 Diane is Diane Friedman, treasured member of the Baltimore Folk Music Society


Leona Tuttle by Larry Unger

© Fred Freuthal

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