Marty's Waltz

By: Fred Freuthal
Music: Marty's Waltz (Jonathan Jensen, 2004)
Formation: Longways for 3 couples
For: Marty Taylor

A1 1-2 Partner right-hand turn 1/2 (end men facing down, ladies facing up)
  3-4 Petronella turn (over right shoulder) one place around the set
  5-6 (with the person across) right-hand turn 3/4 (end in a wavy line in the center)
  7-8 (those that can) left-hand turn 1/2 (end facing partner in a wavy line in the center) 
A2 1 Partner right-hand turn 1/4
  2 (top two couples) partner box the gnat right
  3-4 (top two couples) neighbor box the gnat left
  5-8 Partner two-hand turn (all end proper)
B1 1-4 1s (in the center) cross and cast down
  5-8 1s (at the bottom) half-figure eight up
B2 1-8 Circle left balancing in and out (as in Come Let's Be Merry)
Notes 1 Danced first performed at Baltimore Folk Music Society Monday night English Country Dance with Fred Freuthal calling, Marty Taylor on the dance floor and Jonathan Jensen at the piano.


© Fred Freuthal

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