Laura's Leap

By: Nicholas Rockstroh

Music: 32 bar tunes with well-phrased As and smooth Bs

Formation: Longways becket (ccw)

A1 1-4 Right and left through  
  5-8 (Left diagonal) ladies chain  
A2 1-4 Star left 3/4 (end in long waves, right to partner, men facing in, ladies out)  
  5-8 Balance (forward and back) and box circulate (men cross the set, ladies loop right  
B1 1-8 (New) neighbor gypsy and swing (see note 2)   
B2 1-4

Men allemande left 1.5

  5-8 Partner swing (on original side)  
Note 1 The end effects require the couples that are out to come back in with the ladies on the left and the men on the right so that the waves can form properly.  
  2 New neighbors are the people who would be in your right hand if you retook long waves after the box circulate. From the man's perspective, the man will gypsy with the lady who's back he was faciing in the box circulate.  
  3 The B1 was partly inspired by Michael Fuert's dance It Started on Facebook since that dance also uses a box circulate into stuff with new neighbors without retaking waves (circle left without hands 3/4 in its case). The B1 and B2 were also inspired by comments from friend and fellow caller/writer Bradley Smith  
  4 The dance was written for "my good friend, fellow dancer, and intelligent conversation partner Laura Valentine".  


© Nicholas Rockstroh, 2015


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