The Musical Mycologist

By: Kalia Kliban (2010)
Music: The Hideous Gomphidius (Chris Knepper)
Formation: Two couple set (couples facing)

A1 1-4 (With partner) fall back and come forward a double  
  5-8 (facing opposite) set & turn single (end facing partner)  
A2 1-4 (With opposite) fall back and come forward a double  
  5-8 (facing partner) set & turn single (end facing opposite)  
B1 1 (With partner) lead to opposite and take 2 hands with them  
  2 (With opposite) slip 2 steps away from partner  
  3-4 Wide cast away from opposite to meet partner (outside the original set)  
  5-6 (with partner) lead in (toward opposite)  
  7-8 Mushroom turn single (end beside opposite, facing partner, see note)  
B2 1-8 Repeat B1, leading into partner and slipping out with them. End beside partner, facing opposite.  
A3 1-4 (With partner) side-by-side right shoulder and back  
  5-8 Set & turn single (end facing opposite)  
A4 1-4 (With opposite) side-by-side left shoulder and back  
  5-8 Set & turn single (end facing opposite)  
B3/B4 1-16 As B1/B2  
A5 1-4 (With partner) arming right  
  5-8 Set & turn single (end facing opposite)  
A6 1-4 (With opposite) arming left  
    Set & turn single (end facing opposite)  
B5/B6 1-16 As B1/B2  
Notes 1 A 'mushroom turn single' is a symmetrical, mirrored turn single, like a cloverleaf, but turning in the opposite direction from a cloverleaf. As you lead in, start the mushroom by turning toward the person you led in with.  
  2 End A2 and B1 with enough space for the lead forward at the start of the next figure  
  3 The dance was written to honor contra fiddler Chris Knepper (who wrote the tune) who supplements his folk-musician income by being a professional mushroom forager.  The tune was written in honor of an especially unattractive mushroom called the gomphidius.  


Merry Musicologist, The

© Kalia Kliban, 2010

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