Flying Sorceress

By: Kalia Kliban (2007)
Music: A Bruxa (Anton Seoane)
Formation: Longways duple proper

A1 1-2 1s set right and left (to partner)  
  3-4 1s 1/2-gypsy (end facing original corner)  
  5-6 (original corners) set right and left (to partner)  
  7-8 (original corners) 1/2-gypsy  
A2 1-4 Circle left  
  5-6 Balance the ring (in and out)  
  7-8 1s lead up while 2s dance down outside  
B 1-8 Whole pousette (cw, ladies push to start)  
C1 1-4 (1s face down, 2s face up) mirror gypsies (on the sides, 1s go between to start)  
  5-8 1s 1/2 figure eight (down)  
C2 1-4 Right and left (2 changes, with hands)  
  5-8 Partner 2-hand turn 1.5  
Notes 1 in C2 5-8 the 2s can dance a 2nd gypsy, as in C2 1-4, if they wish  
  2 The dance needs lots of space  
  3 Tempo suggested is at or above 118  

 A Bruxa


© Kalia Kliban, 2007


# Mike White 2016-04-19 15:45
You have a typo in the C1 part measure 1-4.
You have "1s go between to star".
It should say, " 1s go between to start".

It should be clear to any dedicated dancer or dance leader, but the casual reader may be confused by this.
# Super User 2016-04-19 16:09
Corrected - thank you for spotting this.

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