Beckett's Crossing

By: Chris Kermiet
Music: 32 bar moderate tempo reels
Formation: Longways grid becket (see note)

A1 1-8 Corner allemande left, partner swing  
A2 1-8 Ladies chain (over and back, courtesy turn preferred)  
B1 1-4 Double pass thropugh (see note)  
  5-8 Long lines forward & back  
B2 1-4

(Left diagonal) right & left through

  5-8 (Across) right & left through  
Note 1 As well as progressing up and down the set, you also progress from one set to another across the hall. The dance works best if there are 4 or 5 (or 6) even contra lines. It’s also critical that each line has the same number of dancers. Twelve or fourteen couples in each set is ideal. Try hard to get all the sets even. (If you have to do this with uneven numbers, let a set on one side of the hall be two couples shorter. Don’t have extra individual couples at the end of any set.The sets must also be spread evenly down the length of the hall (like in a grid square)  
  2 Double pass through: pass straight through two couples, the couple you are facing plus a couple from the next set. Whenever you end up facing a wall wheel as a couple (or California twirl) to face back in.   
  3 Every few turns through you should switch the two figures in B2 so as to release ther couples who have been stuck in a corner.  Be sure to warn the dancers way in advance when you're about to change the dance.  
  4 Chris's dances can be found here  


© Chris Kermiet

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