TI One On

By: Chris Kermiet
Music: 32 bar jigs or reels
Formation: Longways triple improper

A1 1-8 Circle six left (end where you start with 1s facing 2s and 3s facing each other)  
A2 1-4 Dosido (1s and 2s with neighbor, 3s with partner)  
  5-8 (This one) swing (end facing in, ladies on the right)  
B1 1-4 Men star right  
  5-8 (The one you swung) allemande left  
B2 1-8 (Top two) ladies chain and back  
  5-8 Lines forward and back  
Note 1 Need to emphasize that it is circle six and you must wait until you have 6 people  
  2 Alternative B2 (more complex): Top two ladies chain, top 2 couples circle left 3/4, top couple passes through along  
  3 Chris's dances can be found here  


© Chris Kermiet

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