Ash Grove

By: Chris Kermiet
Music: Ash Grove
Formation: Longways duple proper

A1 1-2 1s lead down
  3-4 1s cast back while 2s half right hand turn
  5-6 1s lead up
  7-8 1s cast back while 2s half right hand turn
A2 1-2 2s lead up
  3-4 2s cast back while 1s half right hand turn
  5-6 2s lead down
  7-8 2s cast back while 1s half right hand turn
B 1-2 1st corners cross
  3-4 2nd corners cross
  5-6 Circle 1/2 (ending close together)
  7-8 1s cast while 2s lead up
A3 1-8 1s whole figure of eight OR double figure of eight (2s cast and 1s cross up to start)
Note 1 A1/A2 is the same track as La Matelotte/Female Sayler. At the top of the set the 1s have to dance through a 'ghost' second couple, likewise for the 2s at the bottom.
  2 Chris's dances can be found here



© Chris Kermiet

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