Lambs On Green Hill

By: Dan Seppeler (2011)
Music: Ned of the Hill (Scottish Traditional/Dan Seppeler)
Formation: Longways duple proper

A1 1-2 Ones cast down (twos stay)
  3-4 Ones half-figure up
  5-6 Ones lead up
  7-8 Ones fall into partner's place (improper)
A2 1-2 Twos cast up (ones stay)
  3-4 Twos half-figure down
  5-6 Twos lead up
  7-8 Twos fall into partner's place (improper)
B1 1-2 (Make a ring) balance
  3-4 Circle left 1/2
  5-8 Partner allemande (see note)
B2 1-4 Circle right
  5-8 Partner allemande (see note)
Note 1 Allemande: right hands joined, balance forward and back, then change places, women twirling under the man's arm
  2 A1/A2 are written out as separate pieces to show the timing but the movement should be continuous, arriving back in the center in time to fall back on the last 2 bars.  There is not time to push off into the cast.
  3 Daniel's dances can also be seen here

© Dan Seppeler, 2011


Lambs On Green Hill Tune


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