5 Leaf Clover

By: Michael Barraclough, November 2012
Music: 32-bar well-phrased jigs or reels
Formation: Circle mixer

A1 1-4 Partner allemande right 1/5
  5-8 (Next) person allemande left 1.5
A2 1-4 (Next) person allemande right 1.5
  5-8 (Next) person allemande left 1.5
B1 1-4 (Next) person balance and box the gnat
    (Same) person balance and swat the flea
B2 1-8 (Same) person balance and swing
Notes 1 Get dancers to face their partner and note which way round the dance floor they are facing before they start


© Michael Barraclough, 2012



# Bill Baritompa 2015-02-09 15:35
Hi Michael, I got your dance when you posted it on SW. I use a simplified version of it quite often
and it always goes over well see http://youtu.be/PGxnxgkPAek
I was wondering about the transition B2/A1.
Do you have the the swing in B2 end facing LOD and ladies roll back to start A1 with next as I've done in my modified version?
# Super User 2015-02-15 17:02
Hi Bill - I end the swing in B2 facing the person you swung in the LOD. The dance then starts again with the same person. I don't have the ladies roll back because that is more difficult from a swing than from the promenade.

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