Annandale Exchange

By: Michael Barraclough, October 2012
Music: 32-bar (Scottish) jigs or reels
Formation: Circle of 3 couples (scatter mixer)

A1 1-4 Circle left
  5-8 Into the middle and out
A2 1-4 Circle right
  5-8 Into the middle and out
B1 1-4 Star right
  5-8 Starting with the pair that have the lowest hands joined in the star, each man draws the lady he is holding right hands with to him and they swing (new partner)
B2 1-8 Promenade anywhere and find two other couples to join with you to make a new circle of 3 couples
Notes 1 This is an adaptaion of a dance called The Borrowdale Exchange by Derek Haynes (1991) which is published in Carnforth Scottish Dances Book 2.  The key feature of that dance (B1) is retained but the As have been altered slightly to make it better for new dancers.
  2 It does not matter if you can only find one other couple, or even 3 other couples in B2.  It still works!

© Michael Barraclough, 2012


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