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By: Michael Barraclough, 1983
Music: Moll Peatley The New Way (The Dancing Master, 11th edn, 1701)
Formation: Sicilian Becket Mixer

A1 1-4 Neighbor (shadow) back to back
A2 1-4 Neighbor two-hand turn 1.5 (end facing partner) 
B1 1-6 Three changes of rights and lefts (with hands)
  7-10 (With the one you meet) swing (ending proper, facing in or out, opposite your shadow)
Notes 1 The Sicilian Becket formation is like a normal Sicilian Circle, but in each minor circle everyone has shifted left one place so that couples are facing in and out rather than around the big circle.  Your initial neighbor is actually a shadow who remains with you throughout the dance.  You do nothing with your partner!
  2 Written and debuted at the 'seminal' Drill Hall ceilidh at Sidmouth International Folk Festival on Aug 2, 1983 where I was calling with the wonderful folk rock band Pyewackett.  Pyewackett loved the tune, but neither Mall Peatley (1675-1698) nor Moll Peatley The New Way (1701-1728) was really suitable for a ceilidh so I wrote this dance to go with the tune.  It was a great hit, as was the evening, with references to the ceilidh still appearing up from time to time on Internet mail lists.
  3 The dance is published in "Country Bumpkin" & Other English Country Dances (which also contains the tune) and is available from the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) Store.  There is also a version of the tune in Barnes.
  4 Listen to the tune played by Pyewackett!    


© Michael Barraclough, 2012


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