By: Michael Barraclough, February 2011
Music: 32-bar well-phrased contra style jigs or reels
Formation: Longways duple minor becket

A1 1-4 Partner promenade over, into
  5-8 Ladies allemande right twice (to a wavy line, left to partner)
A2 1-4 Balance and Rory O'More left
  5-8 Balance and Rory O'More right
B1 1-8 Partner balance and swing
B2 1-4 Slice right
  5-8 Right and left through (across)
Notes 1 The balances in the Rory O'More go the opposite way to usual
  2 Slice (right) = move forward as a couple to the next couple on the (right) diagonal and then fall straight back as a couple so that you end facing them
  3 If you take the full 4 bars for the promenade then the ladies only need to go once around in the allemande right.  However, dances tend to take less than 4 bars in the promenade and move into the ladies allemande right early thus the suggested twice around

© Michael Barraclough, 2011


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